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Maya - Decisions (compiled and edited)

It is 3:30 AM on Maya’s half broken watch. She's just woken up from a troubled sleep full of dreams that she was losing something. There's absolutely nothing to do. The single streetlight outside her small mud house flickers on and off every other minute. She checks on the kids and they're fast asleep beside their snoring father. Like her, they've gotten used to it. It is that time of the night when you can’t decide whether it’s too late or too early to do anything. Outside its all quiet except for the crickets and an occasional cab that's taking those half-dead city people someplace, where they apparently find peace, she has no idea about.  She has to be at the Bade Sahib’s holiday home, a long way away at 7:00, to do their housework. So, having decided not to sleep till she has to leave, she forces herself to get up and walk outside.Her body aches from the night before. Ram was a good, hard-working and caring person when he was sober. Not so much when Old Admiral i…

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