Lone Warrior

He feels not the pain...,
feels not touch or hate..
He lies there slain,
and he knows at this rate ,
not god nor the devil himself,
can save him now from his fate...
for he is to them but an elf!!!

Should have left not his state,
for then began his problem.
Searching for a home from home,
he found them.
Men, women and some...
Travelling from place to place,
in search of food and shelter,
they sold stick, love and mace.
And as he came, helter-skelter,
they went, scared of his face,
scarred from battles forgotten.
Afraid of his body askew,
from brawls, huge and swollen....

Yet one didn't move,
looked at him with love...
And know he didnot how or when,
but fall for her he did....
and every night they made love,
the less he felt sordid,
the more he forgot what he had done.......

Long ago it seemed,
another life, another groan.
Though he was doomed,
to an end full of moan,
he had had dreams too,
now begone.......
he felt them he had found,
even as destiny loomed.......

Cloudy was the sky that night,
as he set of to find the answer,
to all that life had to light....
For he had betrayed her,
unknowingly yet unright.....
Not knowing his blunder,
she had loved him more,
even as roared his mind's thunder....

Bound by his guilt,
he left her his heart sore..
With neither sword nor quilt,
knocking on every door...
For food he had not tasted,
for nights two or four..
His mind filled with hatred,
for himself and the world sour.
Blasphemy it was he knew,
yet the End was the only way..
So like the vulture he flew,
to find death having its way.
hunger for death filled his mind,
more than his hunger for life....

As he strayed accross land,
he had never seen,
he found himself in his own land.
Saw the beauty of the sea,
the grass as it flew out of his hand,
in the cold breeze he couldn't see...
And there he fell in love again,
with love itself....
Off he went too search for her,
loved her more than himself.
He knew he didn't want to be,
all his life a lone warrior....

Then he came back to me,
for i still loved him,
like fuel does fire....
I took himin my arms and told him,
as he cried on my shoulder,
that i would always love him,
held him closer and bid goodbye,
for the last time,
for he had been too late,
and it was time for me to go...
Where there is no return.....
Goodbye my love.....

No longer a lone warrior,
You're my night in shining armor!!


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