See You Again

One place I belong,
my heart yearns to be,
where no feeling is wrong.
Where i can be me,
without these thoughts,
and pain in my head.
I know it hurts,
i'll love you till I'm dead.
Will you be mine????
Oh angel of my dreams!!!..
I'll love you till the end of time...
Just be mine.....

Everyday i hope,
I live another day,
just to see you again..
I breathe another minute,
to laugh with you again..
I walk another step,
just to be with you longer..
How long can you hide???
from the truth my love....
For it has seen the light of day.....

Forever it shall remind you,
of my love, my touch,
and my kiss!!!
And forever i shall remember,
your sweet smell,
like heaven on Earth......
Everyday I hope,
I reach where i belong...
Yet hope is without cause,
'cause it is beside you I belong.....

Wont you love me????
Cause I love you too....


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