Ride Of Your Life

You are my surprise!!!!!
Fan not this flame,
for then it shall rise,
more beautiful than you my dame.
Always i have seen you,
so happy and carefree...
Always i have wanted you,
we are meant to be,
more than we are now....
Why are you still silent???
When there's so much to say,
so much pain to vent....
Keep not these feelings at bay.

Long ago i dreamt of the sea,
so serene and blue,
and as the waves saw me,
all i could think of was you...
All i could do was hope ,
one day you will realize,
that you love me......
and then shall lift the haze,
and you shall see.....
No more am i a maze....
All you have to do is think of me,
and lo! i'll be there with a bow,
heaven on Earth, to you i shall show...
Be ready my love...
For the ride if your life....

I thought nothing was right,
nothing would ever be the same..
You changed my life overnight,
now nothing is the same....
Happier than i ever was,
look in the mirror and I find,
a smile that never was,
no more nightmares in my mind...
Never do I want to lose,
those days never to forget,
even when age ties its noose...
Forever I shall be in your debt,
and forever I shall strive,
to keep that smile on your face,
thats all i need to stay alive..

You're my surprise,Let us pray,
To forever stay this way....


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