Forever Yours

You take away all my pain,
just to be yours i live....
just to stand again in the rain,
with you...everything ill give
To see you smile at the sun,
cry with me in the dark....
I dont know why its so much fun,
to be with you be it light or dark!!
is it that i love you??
cause you know i do....
or is it that you love me too??
somebody told me you do!
do i believe?? do i trust???
when you're so distant....
so far down the crust,
of what people can see so faint....
How do i tell you that you hurt me?!
when you turn the other way,
when you turn back to see me
Say with your eyes all there is to say!
yet i know i doubt not you,
but the beast in me that will.....
one day betray you,
just know that i will still
love you till the day i die
maybe then this pain shall go away
maybe then i can fly
into the far far away......!!!


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