My Best Friend

The sun goes down,
but she yet smiles,
lightin up everything,
beneath the sky....
care she doesnt,
for what people think,
yet a lot does she think,
'bout the people she does care,
lovely is her everything
innocence her charm....
but donot be fooled,
by that cute face,
inside lies a monster
ready to pounce....;-)
one thing does strike,
my mind when i see her,
no more do they make them,
like her anymore,
boon or bane you shall know,
only if u know her,
like i do.....
care she doesnt for herself,
yet will cry if you're hurt,
look at her and see,
not her beauty but her eyes,
deep in thought yet still,
so thoughtful and friendly....
bear no ill will,
for then a storm shall await you,
sweep you off your feet,
and take you far far away....!
beware my friend....
a storm awaits you!!!!!


Well......On some level, I feel like u are talkin about Nikki......[;)]

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