Being a mother is not easy,
To bear the burden so long,
only to be forced to bear it longer...
While all is fun and frolic,
all she does is sit and panic...
Panic, for what might happen,
Panic, for what might not....
Yes, she has her faults too,
maybe she's just human,
but nowhere will you find love,
So true, so unconditional,
you might think she's crazy...

You might think she's crazy,
to wait tensed all day long,
to feed you till you're bursting,
to nag you till you're screaming....
Maybe she is crazy,
maybe that's why she loves us,
loves us even when we're wrong,
even when we sin,
even when we don't understand...

How much patience can one have?
To love people like us,
people who have forgotten,
forgotten to love back,
forgotten to be caring in need,
forgotten to be faithful...

How much love can one have?
How much pain can one bear?
Thoughts sear my mind…

Then I begin to understand...
Understand what one can only know,
when they feel the power of a mother's love..
When people search for miracles,
I feel nothing but pity for them,
For she is a miracle to us all..
To her we look up to and pray......


Nicely written, I've been wantin to write somethin about my mom, but i never could!
Vishnu Sankaran said…
thats well written...#vsNu#...

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