Was there some other time,
can there be another place,
with the clock's every chime,
a memory of those days....

A kiss by chance,
butterflies in my head,
wish a moonlight dance,
for long i have waited....

Come closer my darling,
never close enough,
what oh lord is this feeling,
i shall never have enough....

The nape of your neck,
the feel of your heartbeat,
on your lips a peck,
wish them i could just eat....

Your hair in my fingers,
faster is your breath,
then start heavens showers,
drowning all else underneath....

Yet we do not care,
too in love to notice,
why should loneliness we bear,
why shouldn't you i kiss?

In my arms you are,
for all the world to see,
forever mine you are,
together we can be...

my lady, close your eyes,
with your tears in my hands,
i shall tell you no lies,
i'll kiss you like now the world ends...

Slowly, yet with passion,
need is your haste,
vast like an ocean,
oh god i love the way you taste...

The slight arch of your back,
the breeze on your face,
feel your knees go slack,
till dawn the day chase....

And there we lay upon the hill,
exploring each other,
body mind and soul till,
couldn't tell who was the other....


padma said…
aaha!! :) i remember reading this long back!! :)

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