The way forward

Met you I haven’t,
Twice atleast,
A fairy tale it isn’t,
Just beauty and the beast…

How do I say,
What I think is true,
How you make my day,
Just by being you…

How do I show,
That I wish to share,
A whiff of the rainbow,
A waffle of care…

Why is it so,
As pass by the hours,
I don’t want you to go,
When all can be ours…

Should I wait still,
A perfect time there is never,
Happen it eventually will,
Just wish it was now forever…

The wind whistles in my ear,
When the past is so far,
Let it not bring a tear,
Let it not the future char…

Even the sea does sense,
The turbulence in our soul,
As the waves of innocence,
That time callously stole…

The night remembers,
That long lost song,
Though cold are the embers,
We have done no wrong….

As the warmth of the sunshine,
Lights up another day,
We shall cross the line,
And live life our way….

Forget what has been,
Look into my eyes,
They say all I mean,
All that my heart desires…

Maybe then you will see,
What is meant for you and me,
Maybe then we will be,
Together in a lonely sea…..

Show me what to do,
Not much time,
Go we have to,
When the May bells chime….


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