The Mirror

The mirror on the wall,
doesn't lie.
It tells him all.
It, he cannot deny...

Of no fault of his own,
as with the changing tide,
he was left alone,
feeling dead inside...

Almost a memory,
was all that he had sought.
Of children in a story,
of sadness and pain they knew not....

A world of peace,
where They sing to be happy,
a prayer of solace,
and a life of energy...

For this he had to live,
and though he had bled,
for this he could give,
his heart or soul instead...

Anything They wanted,
he would have done,
And though They pretended,
he would not Them shun..

All that he asked for,
was love he could not have,
and thus deemed a traitor,
he was left to starve...

Amidst Their angry cries,
how could he say,
that he couldn't sacrifice,
what was not his to give away...

And tonight the mirror will see,
a man meant to be great,
a man wronged not by destiny,
but by his own People's hate...

What the mirror does not say,
is what he feels,
It does not understand the cliche,
that all wounds Time heals...

This Time, he feels,
it'll be different.
this Time, if he kneels,
the world will know what he meant...

That is his cause,
not only him the mirror see,
but everybody's flaws,
and all our hypocrisy....


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