The smoke curls up in the air,
the sigh of the wind in my ears,
one more breath lost in despair,
as I while away the years...

Time passes by me,
I stare into the flame,
mesmerized by what I see,
my feelings have no name...

My thoughts are clear,
the path very much so,
then why do I fear,
where I want to go...

Just one step to bring me closer,
then why do I tire,
even as my heart beats faster,
in the throes of desire...

If everything is as it is,
and nothing will be what is now,
do I know I want this,
would I want to know how...

This is what bothers me,
plagues me today and will tomorrow,
but I want to say what I see,
lest all that is left is regret and sorrow...

So this small step I take,
and to you as I bow,
I know not what difference it will make,
yet hope is all I have now...

Hope that someday you will realize,
that you're the girl I want,
why be alone in time's lies,
when we can brave its storms as one...

In the hours of loneliness,
I know the pain you go through,
haven't I borne silent witness,
to them thieving you...

Thieving you of your right,
to live happy and carefree,
Thieving you in the night,
of your dreams once too many...

And as into you I stare,
I don't want to be helpless,
yet all that is mine to give is care,
a shoulder, a smile and my caress...

It is you who has to decide,
when you will be ready to go,
where there's no fear to hide,
what love I want to show...

Even as these feelings gather,
I know we will be happy in the end,
we might then not be together,
but don't I now hold your hand?.........


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