Come again to see me have you?
see how since the last time,
I've changed and now fallen too,
all my thoughts so sublime....
Laughter and pain then were,
part of what I thought was memory ,
where now I ask they are,
you washed them away from me....
The sweet smell before you,
The warmth in your first embrace,
The life glowing all around you,
and the nights as good as the days....
Then everything went dull,
like the last breath of a dead man,
I tried to make it back still,
I tried to make my last stand....
Washed away are those memories,
washed away is my pride,
washed away into the seas,
caught in your unforgiving tide....
Why didn't you then,
if not try and stay,
why didn't you then,
just wash me away....
If you couldn't, my pain,
If you couldn't, my misery,
take them before they stained,
why didn't you then, just wash me away...


for and instead of a friend......


Ankit said…
pulling on strings of a harpischord and then leaving the sound float in air... beautiful.. all your stuff.. impressed dude..
prajwal said…
The rain also brings with it the promise fresh scent of new let the old and painful be forgotten and the rain wash away your misery.

and so the macabre sideshow of happiness and sorrow continues......

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