Tears in heaven

No tears in heaven they say,
well there should be,
and He should be crying,
after all He's let this world be...

To give me all there is,
and give others none,
What justice is this?
A cold sun.

I wish I could change,
wish I couldn't see them,
and like all others my age,
try and hate them...

But how do I carve out,
a part of my soul,
how do I, in pain, not shout,
when we are but together whole...

You see them too everyday,
see them beg on the street,
pass by whatever they say,
smiling like they cheat....

Fancy cars, deadly cough,
 you think them you're above,
flashy houses to show off,
in your heart, no love....

how can you love someone,
without compassion for them,
you're just like everyone,
if you don't care for them...

They are but a part of us and,
we are but the world's essence,
yet them we trample to stand,
and hope heaven to ascend....

I too had no different ways ,
make no difference me alone,
So I avoided their gaze,
talked in a hurried tone....

Like I had something to do,
someplace else to be,
and they were taboo,
shouldn't be talking to me...

Well, I heard a story,
I'll tell you too,
changed me in a hurry,
maybe you'll like it too...

A lil boy on the beach one day,
thousand squids washed up, you see,
stuck like we are today,
they couldn't reach the sea...
All the passers-by,
did just that,
and without a care passed by,
but he wouldn't have that...
He picked up one and threw,
it back where it belonged,
but his aim was askew,
hit an old man and he asked,
"what difference,
will it make, so many they are,
With them, the beach so dense,
both ways, so far"....
"To this one it does, father"
The boy said,
and threw in another...

I have changed ,
I care....
Maybe someday you will too,
cause you and me are,
but parts of one whole.....
We dont need a god to help,
we need a heart...
That is where my god dwells,
where does yours????

P.S.    The story is true. The old man joined in, everybody who saw them did too and within an hour, the beach was clean. The little boy taught an unspoken lesson to so many people. Maybe we ought to  listen too. Oh and sorry Eric Clapton :p .


Belle-Dame said…
I love it! :) Well done! You have some serious talent. Maybe you can make a book out this one day. Oh, and this is NOT personal. It is beautiful! ;) *kiss*
Padma said…
good one i like the last line a lot!!! :)... keep up the good work!!!:) muah
prajwal said…
i like the anecdote better than the title.....clapton is cursing you somewhere.
and since everybodys doing this....why not???MUAAH.

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