I have everything that is considered to be part of a decent life. I have extremely loving parents who'll go to whatever extent to see me happy. I have a decent amount of intelligence which I'm sure will help me earn my livelihood no matter what. A decent amount of money and property my parents have amassed over a lot of time. I am an average looking person. I have no perfect jawline or a perfect 6 pack and my skin is messed up.

How then am I different from all the other people who could tell you the exact same story about their lives?

I am different cause I have passion. I have the zeal to live and to serve. I have a purpose and that purpose will take me through whatever obstacles I face in life. That is my belief. That each one of us has a purpose to fulfill in our lives and I know mine now. How are you different?


ibsays said…
I am different. Different from most, in the way I think, the way I feel about the sense of BELONGING. I thing the feel of a purpose is over rated. Why can't people have simpler lives where there is no sense of competition to survive?

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