Never far

He said he knew her,
She said it wasn't possible,
Too little time, too soon,
So many things could go wrong....

He said he loved her,
She said she did too,
But she wanted him to be sure,
Not end up in a sad song ...

He said he'd be there for her,
She said it was too early,
she needed time to think,
A while, a day, an year ...

He waited there for her,
Heart beat slowing everyday,
Until she came to him to say,
she was his, never far always near...

He said to her then,

He'd known she would come,
Cause knowing her,
Was like knowing himself ....
He'd known she would come,
Cause he'd needed no time,
He knew she was the one ...

He'd known she would come,
Cause without her,
it was just not the same,
He'd known she would come,
The day she'd know,
He would always love her ...


Anonymous said…
Awesome writings ! as always !! reading your blog is always refreshing.... simplicity and genuineness blended with creativity.... u should write more often !!

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